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Product Features

Integrated Working Mode Supporting Modular Detection Extension

Automatic loading/unloading detection mode is easy to operate and manage. the unit consists of a loading station, AOI detection station,binning and unloading station, with front end can support the docking cleaning machine

Modular design supports single/double track detection. the detection station could extend more modules according product demand. the unloading station supports 2 bins or more bins


With AI learning defect features automatically, it could read the QR code online to track data and classify the defects during blank detection

The detection data can be linked to the QR code and upload can scan the QR code to see the detection result

According to abundant detection data,after statistics and an analysis,it could be helpful to improve the production process

More Accurate

With maximum accuracy up to 11 μm and accurate location of image defects, it is prepared for highly standardized testing requirements

Reduce product loss in each processing stage and improve yield.Escaped rate: <0.5%; over-kill rate: <10% (can be verified manually)


With multiple image defect analysis techniques, it can quickly detect all types of local defects and large amount of irregular defects, with CT up to 1.8s/pcs (for products under 7 inches)

For new defect types and complex scenes, the unit gives quick response by dynamic loading of algorithm

More Efficient

Unloading with robots, it places the products in position accurately and efficiently, providing high working efficiency and reduced floor occupation

Using a working mode of sepatate the detection and judgment, the engineer may quickly adjust defect criteria according to on-site technical specifications. The working mode is flexible